So, I did it. I took the plunge and decided to start my very own blog! Now I’m just going to pop a disclaimer out there, I’m no professional, so go gentle on me, please!

Anyways, hi! I’m Suki, I’m a 22 year old mum training to be a makeup artist. I live with my daughter, Acacia, who is 5 going on 16. She is 100% taking after me. My partner, Niall, who came into our lives when Acacia was two and is a fantastic role model to Acacia. Oh our two dogs, Opie our rescue rottweiler cross pitbull (I will be blogging about him and his story) and Chewy, our sassy little Shih Tzu. Yes, she is named after Chewbacca, me and Niall are total nerds, and a hedgehog named Odin, of course named after the Marvel character.

My crazy little family.

To pretty much sum me up, I adore makeup and animals. So you kind of get the gist of what my blog is mainly going to be about. I know same old makeup blog, well no, I hope not. I’m hoping mine is going to be a little different.

Another reason I thought I would start blogging, is because unfortunately 8 or so months ago, myself and my daughter and our two dogs and my little hoglet got kicked out the house we were renting – yep, pretty shit really! My partner Niall, luckily said ‘come and live with me!’. Of course, I had been wanting to move in together for a little while so at first I thought this was great. Bad news is, he has a mortgage on his home, but he shares the home and mortgage with his mum. So this meant moving my entire life into a shared house. To start with it was great but of course it was cramped and I felt guilty for getting in the way and also sucked pretty hard that I couldn’t ‘do my own thing’.

It was hard adjusting as I moved out of my family home and moved into a flat at 17 when I had my daughter, I hadn’t really lived with anyone for a long time, especially not another person who was pretty much a parent.

Myself and Niall knew this would be pretty crappy, but we didn’t have another choice. I couldn’t find another place that would take us because of my dogs and Niall couldn’t afford to move out because of the mortgage. So, all in all it sucked! I found myself getting really low and depressed and just had to tell Niall how I was feeling as I didn’t want to put any strain on our relationship.

We discussed our future and what our plans were etc and both agreed the current situation was s**t! Until, Niall came up with the idea of building an extension onto the side of his house. This extension would compromise of 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and living area. I was of course very skeptical to start with, but we started to draw down ideas and it actually looked like this could be our best option. Of course, it wasn’t the option we wanted but with the hand we have been dealt this was the best thing to ensure we could all be together.

So I thought it would be a great idea if you could all come on this crazy journey with me! What do you say?! I want you to see each step we take and our progress, our failures and hopefully the end project! *fingers crossed*

I really hope you’ll enjoy seeing and reading about our journey and all the other rubbish I will blog about.

Till next time, take it easy and thank you for reading!

Suki x


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