Goals and dreams…

Just a short little blog, but one that might get you thinking.

Goals and dreams… I guess everyone has their own personal goals or dreams. Everyone has had the dream of winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire, or owning a huge mansion or the fastest most expensive car. Of course, I have the dream of winning the lottery and have planned out exactly what I would buy but I’m going to be real for a second. My dreams and goals may not be big for some but these are my personal goals, the little things I would love to achieve in my life. dreams

#1 A place I can call home – yes, I have a roof over my head but it’s not home. As I have wrote about before I live with my partner and his mum and it’s tough. We have a bedroom, Acacia has a spare room but everything else is shared. I don’t have my own living space for my family. I just get in the way so, that’s why we are planning to build an extension so we have our own space and to some, that may be a silly dream. And to some, they might say it’s small and ‘why would you want to live on the side of someone’s house?!’ Well… it’s our only choice. We don’t have another option but guess what… I will be able to build it from the ground up, I will have everything in their that we have chosen, I will be able to do anything and everything so yes, that will be a place I can call home. My daughter will have the bedroom she has always wanted. And I will be with all the ones I love and not feeling like I am getting under peoples feet.

#2 Become a trained a qualified makeup artist – Yup, that’s my dream. I’m currently waiting to hear back about my final grade and whether I have completed my Level 3 makeup course. So fingers crossed! Next stage is to just get over my anxiety and be able to make it my job and start my own business.

#3 Make my daughter proud – my ultimate goal is to make my daughter proud. Everything I do, I do it for her. I want her to live her life the best way she possibly can, I want to give her every opportunity I possibly can. My goal is to give her everything she can possibly want!

#4 Learn how to drive! – Stupid, I know. I’m 22 and don’t drive! And guess what, I’m terrified to learn. My anxiety has held me back from doing loads of things and this being a major one. I just need to kick my own butt and get on it. I know I will love the freedom and the chance to just drive somewhere whenever I wanted!

#5 Lose some weight and feel comfortable in my own skin! – God damn, I have lost a lot of weight in the past (dropped 4 dress sizes) and started feeling great but over the past few months I have started slacking and those pounds have started creeping back on and if I’m honest, it’s s**t! Another silly goal, but it means something to me.

#6 Open a rescue centre – A huge dream I have always had is to open up a rescue centre for dogs. Mainly dogs that people would say are ‘dangerous dog’ breeds. After rescuing my boy, Opie, it made me think about it more. How I would love to help these dogs and be the voice they don’t have. That is what I would love.


There you have it, these are my main dreams and goals! What’s your dream/s or your goals? Please free to share them with me, I would love to hear them!


Suki x


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