Beauty on a budget

Love makeup but on a budget? Well, what would you say if I could help you slay that killer makeup look on a budget?!

When people think of ‘cheap makeup’ they think of rubbish make up that doesn’t work. Well, yes, in some cases you might be right but not in the case. I’m going tell you about budget makeup that are just as good as the highend makeup products but for a fraction of the price.

To start a makeup look you of course you need a good base to start with. My ‘budget’ primer has got to be the NYX Professional Makeup Angel Veil. For about £13, you seriously can’t go wrong!  This product helps create a smooth canvas that will minimise shine and helps with the application of your makeup to make it flawless. You can buy this from a number of places online or in certain Boot’s stores!

Foundation, I have two budget foundations. First, Maybelline New York Fit Me, luminous and smooth. This foundation is great, the coverage is easily buildable. The foundation feels light so great for every day makeup looks as leaves your skin looking very natural. You can pick this foundation up at most places and at only £7.99. That’s a seriously good foundation to use when on a budget. IMG_4533The second foundation I would say is the Rimmel London, match perfection. Invisible coverage visibly perfected skin. This foundation is a little heavier so more for a night out. It helps reduce imperfections, pores and dark circles. Again, for £7.99 why would you say no?





For concealers I have 3 and these bad boys are seriously cheap and 2 of these I would usually turn my nose up at due to the brand. First up is my favourite and one of my holy grails, it’s the LA Girl pro conceal. It got into my holy grail products so trust me, it’s great. And cost a mere £5! You can buy these online at Beauty Bay.IMG_4532

Second is one of the products I would have turned my nose up at due to the brand and it’s the Collection Lasting Perfection ultimate wear concealer. Wow. This product really surprised me. They say it’s last 16 hours but I would say more 10 hours, but hey. 10 hours is fantastic. This cost me £4.19. Now, it doesn’t have that much product in but hey for that price who cares! Last of my budget concealers is again another brand that I would never reach for and that’s the Bourjois Blur the Lines concealer stick. This concealer is thick and my god does it cover what you need it too. The product cost me £7.99. Now yes, it is more expensive than the other concealers but I would say it has the highest coverage!

For powders, I found this a little harder. Whether that’s due to my skin or what, but there is only one translucent powder that I found that I worked great and that’s my Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder. The powder is fantastic and sooo cheap, not kidding. It cost me £3.99. Yes, £3.99! Insane. Definite must have.

For eyeliners, I only personally use liquid or gel liners. I’m not really a fan of pencil liners. But I found a liquid liner that I now swear by and in fact I buy them in bulk. And that’s my BH cosmetics liquid liner that I bought for £4 from Beauty Bay! Great product and incredibly pigmented and lasts ALL day.

Eyebrow products, this was really, really hard as I only have if I’m honest I use higher end products but I found a Makeup Revolution ultra brow arch and shape. One side it has a felt tip and the other end a soft pencil. Great product, one thing I would say is the felt tip isn’t that pigmented and I found it hard to put the colour down but the pencil side is great, a little thick so not so great if you have really thin brows, but for £3.50 who are we to complain?!

Next, I trawled and trawled to find the perfect product that was up there with highend makeup brands. There are hundreds of cheap palettes but they are cheap for a reason. Now, we have all heard of the Morphe palettes and how they, 1 are pretty pricey and 2 they are ALWAYS sold out! So I found some perfect dupes. BH cosmectics does big 28 shadow palettes like morphe with a huge array of colours for £13! Yes, £13. The eyeshadows are very pigmented, easy to blend and work with. Again, you can buy these palettes off Beauty Bay.IMG_4531

Contour palettes I went back to Makeup Revolution and found a great contour palette with fantastic shades for pale skin and for a mere £8. It’s a bargain and great if you don’t want to spend the money.

Bronzer and blush was easy. I knew straight away which product I was going to pick and again these products were up in my holy grail products and that’s the Milani Baked bronzer in Glow and the bake blush in Luminoso. The Milani baked blush £10 and wow, it lasts forever and is just so beautiful. The baked bronzer cost £11. Again, lasts forever and is such a beautiful colour. A definite must have!11

Highlights, we have all seen the makeup guru’s talking about the latest highlights but lets be honest, they are way out of most of our price ranges, I of course for you guys did some research and found some great highlighters for dirt cheap and I’m not kidding when I say dirt cheap. I found 3 great brands that sell fantastic highlighters. The first highlighter I found was by Makeup Obession, this small little highlighter, which may I add, hits you with a killer shine, I found for £3! They do a huge array of colours which is perfect for every skin tone. Second brand I found was Makeup Revolution vivid baked highlighter, this highlighter is large, I mean seriously large and is a lovely more subtle highlight than the Makeup Obession but it is buildable! Again, this only cost me £3. IMG_4530And lastly, it’s LA Girl. LA Girl came out with the strobe lite, strobing powder. WOW! This highlighter is intense and is again huge. The pan is enormous a huge 5.5g of product. Now, this highlighter will last you forever and for £5, I cannot fault it.IMG_4529

I’m going to end this with lip products, now I’m not going to go into every lip product but I’m going to stick to lipsticks and liquid lipsticks. So for lipstick I chose Milani. I adore Milani lipsticks, in fact I own 28 Milani lipstick alone. If that’s not proof of how much I adore them, I don’t know what is. They cost £7 each and are just so worth it. They feel amazing on your lips and last an long time which I find hard in a lipstick! IMG_4528

For ‘liquid lipsticks’ I went straight for NYX! Hands down NYX wins all the way, from the soft matte lip cremes, to the liquid suede, to the lingerie collection. I cannot fault them at all. The coverage is incredible, they last ages, they aren’t drying. I just cannot get enough of them! And for £6/7 you cannot go wrong.

Have fun shopping those bargains my lovely’s,

Suki x


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