Pink Parcel review

I decided to start getting a subscription box after I saw them all over Instagram, and after trawling the internet trying to find the perfect one for me and the best value for money and I found Pink Parcel!

This parcel is specially for your lady time. Pink Parcel is a ‘monthly thing’ and everything you ever need for that time of the month that can suck and make you feel super crappy. I signed up straight away, with the first box being £6.99 including P&P how could I say no! After that it goes up to, £10.50 a month. And honestly, the amount you get that really isn’t a bad price at all.

When you register, you type in all your personal details and then it gives you a list of your favourite brands, you can chose either tampons or pads or both. They have a huge array of brands on there. I clicked my favourite and then chose my delivery date! I couldn’t wait for my next period. I know, weird right. But honestly, I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived. I have been subscribed for about 3 months now and each month they just get better and better.

Now, of course you don’t just get a box of tampons, you get loads of goodies inside. Today, I received my March box and I thought what a great idea to share it with you and maybe you might sign up too!

So, when you receive your box and open it up you find 3 smaller boxes inside with different labels on the top, a little draw string bag and a small leaflet and an envelope. IMG_4578On the front of the envelope it say ‘Sealed with a loving kiss. The PP squad discounts you won’t want to miss…’ and inside there are discounts. They change every month but this month was 15% off Boozi Body Care, this company is a company that sell body wash, creams, balms, bubble bath and they are all based on different cocktails/ boozie drinks. Their website is – The price are fantastic, each product is also cruelty free and vegan and are based in the UK.IMG_4579

Next up in the box is the little leaflet. In the leaflet it welcomes you and briefly tells you what is in your box for that month, it also has a little calendar that tells you a few dates of thing that are happening that month. As you continue through the leaflet it tells you about each product you receive in the box and the original price and when you can get it from. IMG_4580

Now, onto the good bit, the little boxes and the draw string bag! The little bag is labelled ‘for now’, inside this little bag you have few tampons and a few pads. This little bag is perfect to pop in your handbag so you don’t get caught short whilst you’re out and about. So, now we are left with three little boxes, first box is labelled ‘for later’ in this box you have loads of tampons of your choice, I mean loads! This company have you covered girls!! The second box is labelled ‘for night’, inside this box is pads, now we all might have a little panic about having a leak at night, so again, this company thinks of everything for you! Awesome right. Now, the third box is where the real goodies are hiding. This one is labelled ‘for you’…

Inside March’s box I received 8 goodies! Yes, 8! IMG_4582.JPGI am going to put each website for the company’s at the bottom so you can have a look. First up I pulled out the ‘London Coffee Bag caffeinated espresso blend’ this is a tea bag but it’s coffee! How awesome is that. Alongside this was some ‘Eucalypyus Kneipp bath crystals’ these warm up your body and are great for the cold season. It does this by using pure and natural thermal spring salts. I cannot wait to try these. They kept a bit of a theme here as the next product was a 50ml ‘Boozi body wash in Cheeky Woo Woo’ – I opened it up straight away and has to take a sniff. And wow, this stuff smells incredible! I mean, beyond incredible! I can’t wait to use it, I might even order more from their website now. Next to this was a sample of the new ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series pure care dry oil’ this is for dull and dry hair. What perfect timing as my hair is looking so dull at the moment. I think it’s had enough of the weather as much as I have. It say’s that it is enriched with African macadamia oil that transforms brittle strands and promises to make hair five times silkier. Well, I think I’m going to have to put that to the test, don’t you! Underneath this was ‘Beauty Papier green tea blotting paper’ – we all know that when the time of the month hits, our skin is usually first to have a tantrum about it, so this blotting paper is infused with green tea to make sure sure they are refreshing, rejuvenating and super absorbent. It says it will remove the shine but wont smudge or budge your makeup! Now, I suffer from quite oily skin so I’m very excited to use these. Keeping with the makeup side of the things, they included a Rimmel London lipstick from the The Only One collection. I received the shade ‘510 Best of the Best’. It’s a nice rich red shade, and after a swatch on my hand it felt very soft and feels like it may be quite moisturising. Down to the last two goodies… this month they gave me a bar of ‘Maza chocolate’ – this chocolate bar is sugar free and free from any artificial sweeteners. It’s made from 70% cacao solids and sweetened with organic palmrya nectar. Safe, to say this went straight in my tummy. Obviously I only tried this so I could tell you guys straight away how good it was, and it seriously was so good! Healthy, yummy chocolate. Why would you say no to that!? Last but not least underneath everything was a little badge from ‘Lapel Yeah’ – it says happy everything. I’ve decided I’m going to give it too my daughter so she can read it and remember to be happy! Not going to lie, the badge is seriously cute!


Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and maybe convinced you to subscribe.

Suki x


Websites of the companies, prices or where you can get it from!


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