Q&A with this bearded muppet

Thought it would be fun to ask Niall some questions, without any prompting and write down exactly what he says! I saw a few people doing this on facebook etc but I totally thought I would join in and share his answers with you guys. Now, if you’re easily offended this blog is not for you… TRUST ME!



#1 – What is something I always say to you? ‘Fuck sake babe’ – yeah, this is true. He drives me mad haha.

#2 – What makes me happy? ‘Spoons, food and sex’ – Well, he does have a point here… That does make me happy. But he did forget some pretty big things that make me happy too. Those being my little lady, him and our two dogs! Ah, well. I’ll forgive him.

#3 – What makes me sad? ‘No spoons, food or sex’ – haha! Yeah, he is right!

#4 – How do I make you laugh? ‘By being you’ – now, I don’t know how to take this.. is he laughing at me or with me?! haha.

#5 – What was I like as a child? ‘Greedy and needy’ – This is rubbish. I was not needy. But I was definitely greedy! I was a bit of a chunk.

#6 – How old am I? ’22’ – Well done, I surprised he got this right, he usually forgets how old I am and my birthday. Typical man!

#7 – How tall am I? ‘5ft 5’ – Correct. I sure am!

#8 – What’s my favourite thing to do? ‘Spoon, drag racing and sex’ – Yeah, you can kind of see a pattern here…

#9 – What do I do when you aren’t here? ‘Be sad and lonely and housework.’ – Well, he thinks I’m sad and lonely but I actually am loving the peace and quiet! Only joking, I do get lonely sometimes. But the house work bit is bang on. I swear all I do is housework.

#10 – If I became famous, what would it be for? ‘Porn’ – For goodness sake, this whole idea of these questions is I hoping for nice answers, maybe some romance. Clearly not! I apologies. Just for the record, I most definitely will NOT become a famous pornstar!

#11 – What am I good at? ‘Sex’ … This is getting out of hand now. I don’t think these questions were the best to ask. Maybe I caught him in the ‘wrong mood’ haha!

#12 – What am I not very good at? ‘Housework’ What a cheeky bastard… how does he think his clothes get cleaned, or he gets to sleep in fresh bedding. Such a cheeky bastard.

#13 – What is my job? ‘Being pack leader and mum’ He always calls me pack leader and says if it wasn’t for me basically everything would go to shit! (he has a point!)

#14 – What makes you proud of me? ‘Everything, but being a mum’ Aww, this was the answers I was hoping for!

#15 – What’s my favourite food? ‘Spag Bol’ He’s right, he makes the best spag bol ever!!

#16 – What do you and I do together? ‘Spoon, drag racing and sex’ Jesus Christ, so the romance has gone again…

#17 – How are you and I the same? ‘Same sense of humor’ He is right, we really do. We are actually so similar it’s kind of scary!

#18 – If I was a cartoon character, who would I be? ‘Clarence but there is a few’ If you haven’t got a clue who Clarence is he is basically a character from a show on Cartoon Network. And if I’m honest and I hate to say this, he is kind of right haha!

#19 – How are you and I different? ‘You’re compassionate, patient and understanding’ Yup, he’s not really any of those things haha. Still love him though.

#20 – How do you know I love you? ‘You’re still with me after all this time’ HAHAHA! I sure am!

#21 – Where is my favourite place to go? ‘Drag Racing’ Damn, he nailed it, it sure. I bloody love drag racing. We go all the time and I actually introduced Niall to drag racing and took him away for the weekend to go and watch it. Safe to say, he is hooked as much as me now! WIN!

#22 – Lastly, how old was I when I came into your life? ’20’ I sure was, at least he remember that. Even if he did have to think about how long we had been together!


Now, that was interesting!! I apologise for his crude answers but hey, that’s my man!

Maybe you and your partner could give it ago. Put your answers in the comments if you’re brave enough! I would love to read them. I hope this gave you a little giggle.


Suki x


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