Staying motivated. HELP!

I have to admit staying motivated recently is a real struggle. Over the past month or so I have found myself getting less and less motivated. I mean, really struggling and I have noticed those pounds piling back on!

I used to be so good, I would work out every day, lift weights and would run several times a week but now, I’ve turned lazy and unmotivated. I feel physically and mentally exhausted recently which sucks. I mean, I get a fair amount of exercise due to walking Acacia to school, then walking back home, walking the dogs, then walking back down to get Acacia from school and back home again. It takes us about 50 minutes to walk to school, so Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I hit between, 12,000 – 16,000 steps on those days. IMG_4652Wednesday Niall doesn’t work so we get a lift! YAY! (bad for the old step count though).

I have found though, that when I get home I feel lazy and totally unmotivated to do stuff. I know I just need a kick up the butt but I just can’t find the motivation and it’s driving me insane!!IMG_4654

I do have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for snacking. I mean, when I get bored, I just pop to the kitchen and grab some food. Most of the time it’s pretty healthy but I think it’s the quantity that isn’t great. What can I do to stop this? Take up a hobby? I suffer from bad anxiety so joining a group or heading out somewhere or joining a gym isn’t really an option for me anymore. Does anyone have any tips on helping me kick my butt? Any ideas on making me do some exercises in the comfort of my own home?! Tips on making me head out for a run? Anything?!

I am desperate to lose some weight but then I get really down and just eat! It’s a bloody vicious cycle, I need something that I can get motivated over. I am leaning towards starting to run whilst Acacia is at school or maybe running back after dropping her off and doing a little detour to make it a little longer.  I would however need to get a decent sports bra for large chests, as my bad boys will end up knocking me out!

So does anyone have any tips on eating better? Any apps for exercising? I want to hear your ideas and advice. Any thing that maybe help motivate you guys and keep you motivated?


I look forward to hearing your advice!

Suki x


2 thoughts on “Staying motivated. HELP!

  1. Suki! Have you got a Fitbit? I find them great because you can join challenges with other people and it really motivates me because I hate to lose?

    Worth a shot! Will keep thinking of stuff for you xx


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