Huge beauty haul!

I gave in and just had to have a haul! Now, we all love a little binge now and again and well, guess what I gave in and did a big one 😍 I’m not kidding. This is a serious haul. And with the amount that is sat in front of me this is gunna be a long blog. So, stop right here. Grab yourself a cuppa and sit down, you may be here a while! But I hope you enjoy. You might even find something you want to try!

This haul however has a bit of a twist as Beauty Bay (my favourite play to purchase beauty products) have an awesome offer one for you haulers out there. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, they are offering a choice of 6 different totes packed full of Β£100 worth of goodies!! Now the plan is to share it with your mum or keep them for yourself. (I might share with my mum, if she is lucky enough!). So to get your hands on one of these limited totes all you have to do is spend Β£120 to be eligible. Told you I splurged big time!!

So let’s started!! I’m so excited. By the way as I’m writing this I am pulling each one out the box and I haven’t peaked yet. I wanted to share this excited moment with you my lovely followers! Also bit of a disclaimer I have zero makeup on as I was too excited to show you all that I didn’t put any on. #bagsfordays


First up is what I ordered. I’m not going to go through every item in order as some of it’s pretty normal stuff that I just needed to repurchase but some is new stuff!

  • Eyelashes – I bought 4 false eyelashes . Two of my favourite eyelashes the Ardell Natural lashes Demi Whispies and two Morphe lashes the ML110 and ML601.
  • LA Girl pro conceal high definition concealer in Porcelain.
  • LA Girl pro conceal high definition concealer green corrector
  • LA Girl pro conceal high definition highlighter! Now this is a new product. I’m not one for using cream highlighters but had to try this one out! So will do a review on all my new products I have ordered and received in another blog.
  • Yes To Tomatoes daily pore scrub. I absolutely adore the Yes To products, and was in need of a new face scrub so of course I had to give this ago. And best bit is it’s 95% natural.
  • I bought two face masks by Oh K! This company is a Korean company and Korean makeup seems to be a very talked about recently so I had to jump on the band wagon. I got the Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask and the 3 step mask which has a cleansing wash, bamboo charcoal sheet mask and a moisturising serum. I’m sure excited to try this!! And the best bit about this company is they have pandas on their packaging. And I LOVE pandas. 🐼 So WIN!!!
  • I got three morphe products. The banana ultra fine pro setting powder. Now I’m yet to find a setting powder that is better than my Laura Mercier setting powder but I thought I would give it ago. I also bought a creme lip polish in Runway. I love this so obviously just had to get another one. And last of my morphe product was a brush and I bought the small fan lash fan brush (M133) I have a few of these already but a girl can’t have too many brushes.
  • Next up I just had to get another LA Girl Strobe Lite Strobing powder and this time I got the 90 Watt. I love these highlighters and for the price you really cannot go wrong.
  • I decided to try a new company that I have been meaning to try and that’s the My Kit Co. I went for the flawless blender edge. I’m a Real Techniques girl so we shall see if this blender is a new fav.
  • Lip liners – now, I rarely wear lip liners but thought I would give them another go. I have a few MAC liners and Gerard Cosmetics but thought I would give a few more affordable brands a go, so I went for the BH cosmetics waterproof lip liner in Rosy, LA Girl endless semi permanent auto lip liner pencil and ofcourse I had to try some Milani as Milani do my favourite lipsticks! So I got 2 colour statement lipliners in All Natural and Nude.
  • I had to replace my Makup Geek contour powder pan in Break Up as I have started to hit the pan. I know sad times but hey new pan day! 😁
  • Last up with the stuff I ordered was again a new company that I have never tried before and that was The Ordinary. I picked three products to try from this company. 1. Vitamin C suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% which is water-free, silicone free stable suspension. Directions are to apply a small amount to your face every morning and night. It told me to expect a small tingling sensation after application. 2. Argireline Solution 10%. Targets the appearance of dynamic facial lines. Apply a few drops around the eyes and the forehead twice a day. 3. High-spreadability fluid primer. Spreadability- enhancing lightweight surface smoother and primer. I’m super excited to try these products from this company! So I will totally let you know how I get on. Β This company is also amazingly affordable!!Β IMG_4729.JPG

So now onto the limited free tote bag. I opted for the tote #Slayin. So this came in side the main box inside a smaller box. So let’s open this bad boy up and see what goodies we have!

Can you tell I’m super excited by my cheesy grin?!

We have a few products here that I haven’t tried before so I will explain briefly what I know about them (if anything!). Also, as I haven’t tried some of them I’m unsure if some are samples or full size products.

  • We have 4 Mario Badescu products, the gylcolic foaming cleaners, the gylcolic acid toner, a small sample of the seaweed night cream and hyaluronic cream. I have used some of these products before but found them a little too strong for my skin, but I will give these another go.
  • This Works sleep plus + pillow spray. I decided to give this too my daughter so we can spray it on her pillow at night to help her sleep.
  • Revlon All The One hair treatment coconut spray 9ml. This is a leave in spray mask.
  • Yes To Grapefruit CC cream in Light. I squealed when I saw this as I love Yes To products, so I cannot wait to try this and couldnt have come at a better time as I’ve just ran out of my favourite CC cream.
  • Two Palladio products. We have a herbal lipstick in Wine Berry and the brown curling mascara. Not tried this company before but always excited to try new companies.
  • This product I was sooo excited about finding and it was a Kevin Aucoin The Flesh Tone lip pencil in Medium. Yes, Kevin Aucoin. For free!!
  • Another company I haven’t tried was Oskia London Renaissance mask. So excited. I love face masks. Now it says this mask has two phases… first you apply it to dry cleansed skin and massage for a few seconds and the product will turn white showing that the ingredients have been activated. You then leave it for 10-20 minutes. You then splash your face with water and massage again. The mask will then turn into a milk type consistency which is the second phase. After this you rinse off with warm water. How exciting!!
  • Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleansing gel. Brightens with glycolic acid fruit extracts and is ideal for all skin types. It helps to effectively cleanse pores, dissolve makeup, emulsify oil and improve skin texture.
  • LA Splash lip couture waterproof matte liquid lipstick in Latte. I am a huge fan of the lip coutures. So I’m a super happy mumma.
  • Dr Lipp Nipple balm for lips. Totally love this stuff, my lips get so dry, I mean like ridiculously dry and this stuff I swear was made by the gods. It is insane. You have to get your hands on it if you are like me and suffer with dry lips. Also it can be used to calm and hydrate any sore or dry skin, soothes sunburnt, peeling and itchy skin, and helps heals scratches and grazes. Also 100% natural!
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep conditioning mask. I love hair masks so this will be added to my collection. I dye my hair alot and straighten and style my hair every day, so hair masks are always welcomed in my home.
  • Last but not least we have a nailtiques hand conditioner. I shall be trying this on my boyfriends hands as his hands are so dry!! So I’m going to put it to the serious test.

    Look how cute this tote is!


I’m totally overwhelmed by all the products that I have received. I cannot tell you how much adore Beauty Bay as a company! – go check them out. Also next day delivery on orders up to 8pm. They always have sales on, they always have new products and I cannot recommend them enough.

Thank you Beauty Bay. You’re awesome πŸ’•

Thank you again for reading and I hope you have found out about new products and hopefully I may have showed you products you may go out and buy.

If you have tried any of the products or want to try these products please let me know in the comments below.

Suki x


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